Significance of Food

Vegetarian snack table. Pumpkin, beets hummus, mushroom pate, vegetables, bread

 Food is the basic element that when consumed gives the body the ability to move and be active.  Different food have different important reasons why they are needed by the body.  We also have carbohydrates which are used  for the purposes of energy.

Food is a very essential needs and requirement for every human being because of the following reasons.  Foods which are rich in proteins are generally important in ensuring that the human body  undergoes growth and development and thus it is essential for consumption by every human being.

When you eat food that is rich in carbohydrates you can not only be able to work but also engage in other activities such as exercising, athletics, football and many other Cactivities which needs the body to generate energy, what is pasteurization?

Carbohydrates are also important because they ensure that the human brain is well functioning and that it allows everyone to be able to concentrate when doing s things such as studying, making decisions and other things that requires the brain.

Foods such as  milk, fatty meat, and cheese when consumed, the body has a characteristic that helps to store the nutrients from those food in the body in the form of fats and the body uses them to produce energy which is why even when you fail to it for several days but you had been eating food rich in fats and oils, you are likely not to starve immediately and this means that fats and oils are very important food for the body.   Check this website at to know more!

Another reason why medium chain fatty acid rich foods are important is that they are easily broken down when consumed and thus they are used in the feeding of infants to enhance their growth and give them energy which is important.

Vitamins are also very important for the body because they ensure good formation of bones and good bone structure of the body and it also facilitates the generation of body tissues in the body.  Iron is also important for the body because it helps in the prevention of the body against diseases such as anaemia which are caused by lack of enough blood in the body.Learn more about food at

Every human being generally requires a balanced diet in order to facilitate the general functioning on the body by eating foods that consist of a balanced diet.